Senior Wellness

If your pet is 7 years or older, you need to know this:

canstockphoto8525898 old dogWith the amazing advances in veterinary medicine over the last decade, pets are living a much longer life on general than before.  This has allowed us to share even more of our lives with them. However with longer lives, pets are showing similar aging signs and symptoms as humans do. The range of age related diseases in pets are staggering and are afflicting pets in greater frequency and severity. The health of your pet can change almost imperceptibly to us as pets are very good at hiding their illnesses. Early diagnosis and intervention often minimizes suffering and enhances the quality of life for our furry companions. This is very good news to all of us who love them and have them in our households.

The keys to good health for older pets lies in prevention, careful assessment, new innovations in medicine, and more individualized treatment.  When your pet enters the “senior years” of life illnesses may begin to develop. Commonly dental disease, kidney impairment, arthritis, digestive problems and weight management issues affect the comfort and longevity of our pets. Pets may also develop diabetes, heart or liver dysfunction, thyroid problems and even cancer, just like us.  Caught early many of these conditions are manageable with good quality of life.

Because of the special needs of senior pets and how quickly they age, it is important that these special family members receive complete physical examinations at least twice a year. Appropriate wellness diagnostics extend the Doctors’ ability to fully evaluate each patient and formulate an individualized program to maximize your their comfort and enjoyment of life.

We offer senior wellness recommendations designed specifically so that that we have the medical information necessary to guide you on the most appropriate nutrition, care and actions to take the best care of your pet and ensure they live happy, healthy lives.

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